Month: March 2020

Tonari is spicy Tanmen shop. You can get many vegitables.

The staff who took the order while standing in line was very polite, and the chef making tanmen was also enthusiastic and energetic. In such a place, the whole shop creates a good atmosphere. I feel the taste is good if it is a good atmosphere. It’s always a queue, but it’s worth it. I […]

Very polular salt ramen around the Tokyo station.

The staff other than the store manager were from overseas, but the cheerful greetings and the response to customers were polite and pleasant. Setagaya Group is a shop that specializes in salt ramen. The soup with a more mellow tongue feel than the salt salt noodles smelled like yuzu and felt like Japanese soup stock. […]

This is the Best Ramen for Women at Tokyo.

At about 13:00 on weekdays, I was able to enter the shop smoothly without lining up. After buying a ticket at a ticket vending machine, I was immediately introduced to my seat. The shop had a feeling of cleanliness. If you wish, you can get a paper apron, so it is also recommended for those […]