If you want to eat rich miso ramen around Tokyo Station, go to Do.Miso!

This ramen shop is located near Yurakucho Station on the Yamanote Line next to Tokyo Station. Walk about 5-7 minutes from the station. I usually visit around 19 o’clock at the end of work, so it is often full of customers. If two people go, they will wait until a seat is available next to the ticket vending machine. Since the meal ticket has been given earlier, you will get delicious miso ramen as soon as you get to the seat.

The recommended menu is the most popular “Toku-Miso Kotteri Ramen”. Be careful when carrying it as it is provided in a hot stone kiln. Thick frizzy noodles, nori, corn, char siu, sprouts and lots of ingredients. If you take a bite of the soup, you will feel the ginger and garlic flavor in the miso. It is a miso ramen that can be heated and delicious until the end. Please come and visit us when you come to Tokyo.

Shop: Tokyo-Style Miso Ramen Restaurant Do.Miso

Seats: 11 (counter only)

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