At about 13:00 on weekdays, I was able to enter the shop smoothly without lining up. After buying a ticket at a ticket vending machine, I was immediately introduced to my seat.

The shop had a feeling of cleanliness. If you wish, you can get a paper apron, so it is also recommended for those who are worried about flying juice, such as office workers and OLs in suits. I ordered a special umami soy sauce ramen for 1130 yen.

The char siu is a chicken and pork topped with laver, menma, taste eggs, leeks and wontons. The soup has a light soy sauce flavor. It seems to have seafood, Amakusa Daio’s chicken, pork, flavored vegetables, and dried vegetables. The moderate umami spreads out from the soft soy sauce, and the good aroma is also appetizing. The noodles are thin, but have a good stiffness. There were so many ingredients that I could eat and have fun until the end.

Shop: Soranoiro NIPPON

Seat: 26 (table & counter)

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