Essential five Japanese phrases you must learn before traveling to Japan .

If you’re a Filipino planning to travel to Japan, learning some basic Japanese phrases can be incredibly helpful in navigating your way around the country. Here are five essential Japanese phrases that you should definitely know before your trip:

  1. こんにちは (Konnichiwa) – Hello

This is a basic greeting that you can use anytime during the day to say “hello”. It’s a versatile phrase that you can use when meeting new people or when entering a shop or restaurant. You can also use it to acknowledge someone’s presence.

  1. ありがとう (Arigatou) – Thank you

It’s always important to express gratitude, especially when someone has helped you out or provided a service. In Japan, people appreciate it when you say “arigatou” to show your appreciation.

  1. すみません (Sumimasen) – Excuse me / Sorry

“Sumimasen” is a versatile phrase that you can use to get someone’s attention, to ask for directions, or to apologize for something. It’s an essential phrase to know, especially when traveling around Japan and needing to ask for help.

  1. いくらですか? (Ikura desu ka?) – How much is it?

When shopping or dining out in Japan, you’ll need to know how to ask for prices. “Ikura desu ka?” is a useful phrase to use when you want to know the cost of something.

  1. どこですか?(Doko desu ka?) – Where is it?

When traveling to a new place, it’s essential to know how to ask for directions. “Doko desu ka?” is a useful phrase to use when you’re lost and need help finding your way around.

Learning these five essential Japanese phrases can make your trip to Japan more enjoyable and less stressful. Japanese people appreciate it when visitors make an effort to learn some basic phrases, so don’t be afraid to practice your Japanese during your trip!

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